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A New Free Mental Health And Wellbeing Platform Launched To Help Tradespeople

Band of Builders has announced a new mental health and wellbeing platform for tradespeople and their families in the United Kingdom.

Who is Band of Builders?

Band Of Builders (BOB) is a national UK construction charity established in 2016 for tradespeople and their family members after Addam Smith’s friend Keith Ellick was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Addam set about coordinating a team of fellow tradespeople volunteers who carried out a full-scale renovation of Keith’s house. BOB gained charity status in 2019, has a community of 50,000 volunteers, and has completed over £1 million in projects that help and support tradespeople battling injuries or illness.

A list of their current projects can be found here.

BOB specifically supports those tradespeople and families facing life-changing or limiting circumstances. BOB’s mission statement is to deliver –

life-enhancing projects, as well as financial and emotional support for tradespeople and their families across the UK who are dealing with life’s most challenging circumstances.“ 

BOB not only provides practical help but, since COVID-19, has launched a hardship fund. Tradespeople can apply for help on their website apply for help page.

The construction industry stats are alarming

Glasgow Caledonian University’s Built Environment Asset Management Centre, in association with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, found that the suicide rates in 2021 for construction occupations rose to 33.82 per 100,000.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity cites the following statistics concerning construction workers for physical and mental health –

  • Every year 82,000 new work-related illnesses directly related to working in the construction industry.
  • Every single day two construction workers take their own life.
  • Four million working days are lost due to injury or illness.
  • In 2022, 30 fatalities occurred on building sites.
  • Stress, depression, or anxiety accounts for 27% of all illnesses.
  • Over 46% of all occupational cancers are attributed to construction work.


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The importance of this platform

In October 2022, BOB announced that they would be offering a new text service, ‘text BOB to 85258,’ in addition to their counseling service as part of the Big Brew campaign.

The key focus of this campaign was to create an opportunity and encourage tradespeople, contractors, and families to open up about their mental health over a cup of tea.

There is no doubt that more action is required to address mental health with tradespeople, and providing a mental health and wellbeing platform is crucial to offer even more support holistically.

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Peter Cape, Big Brew lead at BOB, confirmed the new mental health and wellbeing platform in partnership with Spectrum.Life provides the Volunteer Assistance program. He added,

“We recognized that we could offer more, and the new partnership with Spectrum.Life means we can offer a much broader level of support.”


This platform supports people struggling with various issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, health, relationships, and finances.

The platform is accessed by the wellbeing support page. You will need to complete a self-referral form that takes seconds. Further information on the services is also available on this page.

In summary

There is no doubt this platform is needed, as are more open conversations around mental health with tradespeople and their families to break the stigma around mental health that will ultimately save lives.

BoB is an inspiring charity, and in addition to selling a range of clothing, they are always on the lookout for support. Are you interested in becoming a fundraiser, doing an event, or offering your services and products for free, either for a project, raffle, or auction prizes?

You can get in touch by emailing

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