Accuracy Policy

My Mind News Fact Checking Policy

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the Website. Rumours and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure distinction between confirmed information and industry hearsay that is of interest to our readers.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is new and accurate. We verify sources and always identify the original source (and reference material if applicable) before the writing process begins.

Even if other outlets report an unsubstantiated piece of news as official confirmation, we always seek out further validity to claim it as actual confirmation. We do not post clickbait. Our headlines are written to engage the reader. My Mind News does not publish broad statements just to sound bold. It must be accurate, and fact checked. My Mind News articles don’t simply report the news; we provide industry-leading context and opinion that explains why that news is important to you.

The My Mind News team consists of writers from diverse brought together by a passion for mental health and wellbeing and having a goal of providing the best, as well as most informative and engaging content possible for visitors to our site.

Corrections Policy

While we aim for error-free content, we accept that mistakes will occur from time to time. We uphold our journalistic integrity by correcting such errors in a timely manner. We aim to be accountable and accurate at all times. Should you spot something that is incorrect, or you wish to request an update to any content, please contact

Updating Story Threads

In addition to corrections, we believe it is important to update content where it becomes necessary to do so. When we post news or a feature, all previous stories/features on that subject are updated with links to the new post so that readers always have the full picture no matter which of our articles on the subject they land on.

For corrections or to request updates, please contact

My Mind News does not publish personal attacks against people and companies in the industries we cover, or against colleagues in our industry. We stress objectivity in reporting topics of a sensitive nature. We strive to deliberately omit editorial bias in all topics that we cover.

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