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It’s A Fact – Adults With ADHD Are More Likely To Experience Mental Health Issues

New research published in the Scientific Report advances the scientific understanding of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurodevelopmental condition, and its correlation with mental health.

What is ADHD?

According to ADHD UK, ADHD is a mental condition defined through behaviors. These behaviors include a persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity pattern that interferes with development and everyday activities.

The cause of ADHD is unknown. Scientists agree that ADHD is complex and caused by neurobiology, genetics, and environmental factors. A qualified medical doctor can only diagnose ADHD.

ADHD has a significant impact on individuals’ lives and their families. Symptoms may include mood disorders, impulse, and personality disorders, experiencing anxiety, disrupted sleep, learning disabilities, and substance use.

Facts and figures about ADHD

Here are some important facts and statistics that you may or may not be are of about ADHD in our society –

Why is this Study so important?

The Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, and King’s College London collaborated on this research. The Study, the first of its kind, shows that those with ADHD will have poor mental health and suffer from high levels of anxiety and depression.

The Study’s key finding was that the higher the levels of ADHD traits, the more severe the individual symptoms of anxiety and depression were.

Unlike other neurodevelopment conditions such as autism, there is less research into ADHD.   Ms. Hargitai, the lead researcher on this Study, said,

The hope is that with greater awareness will come more research in this area and better resources to support individuals in better managing their mental health.”


ADHD = stigma

Due to the lack of research, so much is unknown about ADHD, and it remains a condition with many stigmas attached. This Study and its finding will help pave the way for further research and a review of how best to support those living with ADHD.

It is hoped that this research leads the way for both primary and secondary care plans to be reviewed to ensure adequate medical and psychological support for those living with ADHD.


My Mind News would be interested to hear about your experience with ADHD and whether you feel the care offered is inadequate and needs to be more supportive of those and their families living with ADHD. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.





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