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Changes On The Horizon For Chopra Global  

The next phase for Deepak Chopra emerges as he focuses on alternative ways to share his teachings. Mallika Chopra, Chief Executive Officer for Chopra Global, announced on August 19th, 2022 that the organization is discontinuing live events in 2023, amongst other changes being planned.

Background to Deepak Chopra  

Dr Deepak Chopra set up Chopra Global over thirty years ago.  Chopra is regarded by many as a spiritual leader of his time.  His mantra is to support ‘the personal transformation for collective wellbeing.’ Aged 76 in October 2022, Deepak Chopra has built a unique personal brand.  His enterprises have grown into what is widely referred to as a wellness company.

The Chopra brand includes the Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global.  It offers a full range of products and services to support personal transformation. These include a wellbeing app, wellness retreats, live events, certified training, movies TV show appearances by Chopra himself.   

The Foundation is a not-for-profit venture with Chopra Global, labeling itself a modern-day health company focusing on the intersection of science and spirituality. The Chopra enterprise is a family affair, with his daughter Mallika and son Gotham actively involved.

What changes are underway? 

Chopra Global will change in three ways. The Chopra Retreats will no longer take place beyond 2023. Additionally, enhanced technology will deliver more content, and importantly, Chopra himself will focus on service and explore new ways to share his teachings.

In announcing the changes, a statement issued by Mallika Chopra said,  

“It is time to give our founder (and my father), Deepak Chopra, the flexibility to serve the community and share his teachings in new ways.”

The announcement signals that Chopra will be discreetly and strategically managing his personal exit from the various Chopra enterprises.  A sensible approach considering his age.   

This gentle signaling, alongside the increased emphasis on digital avenues, will ensure that the Chopra brand can sustain longevity without the charisma its founder brings in person. 

The Chopra Retreats will no longer take place beyond 2023. Instead, the retreats already planned will become grand finales.  Mallika Chopra urges that those who would have been holding out to attend a retreat do so during the final year.

Continuing the legacy

A robust digital and technology strategy will be fundamental to strengthening Deepak Chopra’s legacy. This will play a crucial part in Chopra Global’s change of strategy and long-term goals.   

The company is working on some initiatives, including moving its content and delivery onto digital platforms.  With limited information regarding the communication of these changes, there is a clear signal that the use of digital technology for conferences, training, yoga, meditation, and other educational initiatives, such as certification programs, will be transformed.

Next phase for Chopra Global

TIME magazine has described Dr Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century“.  Indeed, with this announcement, plans to continue and grow his legacy are underway.  After 30 years, the various Chopra enterprises understand the need to be able to stand alone and continue in his absence.  

There is no doubt that the Chopra enterprises have lagged behind the competition, particularly with the impact of digital healthcare during and after the COVID pandemic.   

The Chopra Meditation and Wellbeing app does not feature in the top ten rankings of the best meditation apps according to Very Well Mind despite the incredible profile of its founder and the contribution he has made to wellbeing.  

In terms of technology and digital health, there is much work to do if Deepak Chopra’s legacy is to survive. 


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