Fearne Cotton’s Newly Launched ‘Happy Place’ App

At the beginning of October 2022, Fearne Cotton launched her new ‘Happy Place’ app, and a 14-day free trial period was introduced to support the launch.

Who is Fearne Cotton?

Fearne is a former TV celebrity who began her career presenting children’s television and has presented several high-profile television and radio shows since then. Fearne, a wife and a mother of two is better known today for her pursuit of happiness, making her one of the UK’s most prominent advocates of wellbeing and mental health.

The Happy Place brand was created from Fearne Cotton’s first book, ‘Happy,’ released in 2017. The Happy Place’s mission is –

‘Through story sharing and experts’ wisdom, we drive joy and inspire self-empowerment. Enriching your day with stories that relate to the rainbow of emotion and experience.’

The new app supports the podcast

The Happy podcast was launched in 2018. The podcast tops the charts in the UK and has over 50 million downloads due to its amazing guests, whom all talk about what happiness means to them, sharing deeply personal stories with raw honesty and helpful insight.

Fearne’s Happy brand continues to expand, and four other books have been published –

  • ‘Calm’
  • ‘Bigger than Us’
  • ‘Quiet’
  • ‘Happy from Head to Toe’

The Happy Place Festival is also another concept introduced by Fearne. Its tagline is –

‘A creative space for self-love and happiness. Fuel your thoughts and find your sanctuary.’

Yet the Happy Place Festival is much more. It is a movement dedicated to wellbeing, self-improvement, exploring, and learning about all aspects of the spiritual and wellness area.

The Happy Place App

It seems only natural that Fearne would capitalize on her Happy brand and offer her followers a dedicated hub of wellbeing tools. The app is promoted “as a rich tapestry of resources that can help you in your everyday life.”

There is a wide variety of content, including medications, breathwork, sleep advice, yoga, tapping, and manifestation, to name a few. The content has been developed and curated with an awe-inspiring range of wellness experts.

Fearne is excited by its launch. Announcing the new app, she said,

“I wanted to get it perfect. I’m unbelievably happy with what we’ve ended up with.”

Not only does the Happy app allow you to have access to these tools and work at your pace. It also allows you to personalize your journey with the My Place Area and privately journal your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude, and save pictures – a unique feature.

There are two ways to subscribe to the app. The first is for a 14-day free trial with a yearly cost of £49.99; alternatively, you can pay £9.99 monthly.

My Mind News’ initial view is very positive.   We are excited to review the app and its offering thoroughly and will post our feedback in a few weeks. In the meantime, why not give it a go yourself?


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