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How The Death Of A Monarch Reminds Us About Grief

It was with great sadness that we learned back in September that the Queen had passed away at the age of 96 at her home in Balmoral, Scotland.   

As to be expected, the mainstream news channels were full of features, video clips, and images that encapsulated her magnificent reign. Heartfelt messages rushed in from all over the world.   

We also saw an outpouring of emotion as people came to terms with the news and the shock of the situation. People were and continue to think about what will happen next. This is to be expected, given that she had been in her role for so long, and for most of us, the Queen has always been there and was all we have known. 

How this event could trigger feelings of grief   

All of this can feel overwhelming to deal with. Now could be a good time to reflect on what we know about grief to help us navigate such raw emotions. 

Boris Johnson, the former UK Prime Minister, in his announcement following the Queen’s death, referenced the ‘wave after wave’ of grief. This is how grief is often described – a wave of emotion that rises from within, taking over our nervous system, painful and overwhelming.   

Then in time, the wave subsides, and the emotion diminishes. Anyone who has lost someone close to them may be familiar with such feelings. The Queen’s passing could bring back deeply buried feelings of missing loved ones once again. 

Help is out there

There are various charities that are experts in helping people manage the ‘grief curve’ as it is referred to in the reference books and help booklets. Such charities exist in many countries worldwide and you can find grief charites in your area by entering ‘grief support services’ into your search engine.  

Cruse Bereavement Support in the United Kingdom updated its website following the Queen’s death to express its condolences and offer support. Anyone in the UK  can call 0808 808 1677 if they were affected by this sad news. 

Cruse reminds us that if we are mourning the death of our Queen, then we are not alone. It may be confusing to have emotions about someone we never met personally but has still impacted our life. There are many reasons for this. Queen Elizabeth had been around for a long time and was much admired by many. Looking after yourself is paramount

Looking after yourself remains paramount

At this time of collective grief, it is good to remember to look after yourself – allowing yourself time to grieve and talk to someone if need be. This can be helped by finding a way to remember her, as we can do for other cherished loved ones who have died and whom we miss.   

And always remember that, as was seen in the case of the Queen’s death, if the news is ever becoming too much, don’t be afraid to take a break from it.  After all, there is no law that says you must keep up to date with world events, and should the news be too much for you at any time, simply switching off and turning your attention to other activities may just help at such times.

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