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How To Handle Panic Day 2023 – And What You Can Do To Avoid Panicking

Panic Day will be marked this year on March 9th – this coming Thursday. My Mind News investigates what this might mean for you.

What is Panic Day?

Panic Day is an annual holiday marked on March 9th each year. Panic is unpleasant and can make us sad, unsettled, or even frightened. The actual definition of ‘panic’ in the Oxford English Dictionary is –

“A sudden and overpowering feeling of fear – often a sudden unreasoning terror that spreads rapidly through a group of people.” 

Mass panic, often seen during public events with large crowds where a traumatic event occurs, often leads to injury and even death. That’s why people try to stay calm and take deep breaths in stressful situations to prevent panic.

History of Panic Day

People might think about the simple purpose of having joyful moments together when they think about different holidays. However, Panic Day is a chance for us to recognize how stressful life can be and analyze what we can do to minimize the impacts.

Everyone knows that stress is bad for health and can even be dangerous. Stress can cause diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, amongst other ailments.

Some people respond to stress by feeling panic, which can be debilitating. Panic can make a person think that their fear is insurmountable. While this may seem irrational, panic takes over and makes it difficult for sufferers to make rational choices. For those who feel that their fear and stress are taking over, Panic Day is the perfect day to take a step forward and contact a mental health professional.

How to mark Panic Day

An interesting approach to Panic Day is to include the alternative concept of the day. Some people may find it interesting to surprise their colleagues and friends with a stressful idea in the middle of the day, shouting about it and dancing around the room.

Adding comments like “too much!” or “don’t make me do it again!” can be an interesting premise before alerting any bystanders that it is Panic Day and highlighting the importance of recognizing signs of personal moments of panic.

Not up for such a public exhibition and spreading the word? Let My Mind News provide you with some other suggestions for ways to mark Panic Day 2023.

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Practice deep breathing

Everyone knows that breathing is vital, but stress and panic can make breathing shallow and less effective for the body. Practicing a few deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress (sometimes almost immediately), lower your heart rate, and reduce your tendency to panic.

Try breathing deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, counting from one to five for each breath. This type of exercise reduces the risk of hyperventilation and provides much-needed rest for the mind and body.

Listen to the music happily

Sometimes panic occurs when the mind is overwhelmed by circumstances. Putting a few relaxing tunes onto a Spotify playlist can help reduce the effects of stress. Classical, piano or even some special binaural beats for relaxation can be perfect choices.

Take advantage of the source of life

Make a day more personal by using it to slow down and jot down all the essentials in your moment. It may be best to cut down on the list a bit. Planning time for activities will help you relieve some of the stress in your life. Some activities that can help with this are exercise, meditation, massage, yoga, relaxing, and enjoying with friends and family.

Start that hobby again

Do you have any hobbies that you can’t arrange your time to enjoy? Why not pick it up again? Remember what you love about that hobby and plan to enjoy it.

For those who don’t have a hobby yet, this could be a great time to try something new that could become a hobby! Whether it’s knitting, stamp collecting, painting, or horseback riding, a hobby can help you create joy and maintain composure during difficult times.

Make yourself a priority

Some people like to end the day by reading a book purely for enjoyment. Others try to use the time between work and home as alone time to relieve the stress of the day. Schedule some “me time” by getting a massage, going to the spa, enjoying an afternoon nap, indulging in a digital detox, or dating an adult!

Perform individual concerts

You may have seen these people sing on the radio as they drive! Sing along to many of the songs listed above, or choose another playlist that brings out good feelings and happiness to combat those feelings of panic. Sing as loud as you dare – the results might surprise you almost as much as your singing does the neighbors!

Most of all – don’t panic!

Panic day can be a day to find a fun way to dispel panic attacks. While panic may be a complex emotion to tame, learning how to deal with it can make times of stress and anxiety more manageable.

We all must focus on what’s happening in our lives and remember that everyone needs time to relax and have fun. While panicking may be a natural response to a frightening event, its magnitude can be tamed with practice and methods to recognize and manage its impacts.


Do you suffer from panic attacks? How do you deal with stressful situations? Tell us more in the comments.  

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