Mental Health And Wellbeing Firm Spectrum Life Expands In Northern Ireland

Workforce health and wellbeing specialist Spectrum Life is looking to bring 60 new jobs to Northern Ireland.

Expansion for Spectrum Life

60 new jobs are to be created by the digital mental health and wellbeing business Spectrum Life, which is expanding into Northern Ireland. The company is investing more than £4m in opening an operation in Belfast. The new positions will be filled over the next year, with recruitment already underway.

The Dublin-based firm provides health and wellbeing support and advice to more than 3,000 corporate, insurance, and student organizations in both Ireland and the UK.

It does this through a virtual technology platform that gives direct access to on-demand health and wellbeing specialists, counseling in over 35 languages, mental health coaching, and 24/7 support.

According to the Spectrum Life website, the company states that it is –

“committed to creating a culture of innovation to continually encourage and empower your team members to take control of their health and wellbeing. We know from experience that delivering modern, safe, and clinically validated healthcare service can transform lives.” 

More about Spectrum Life

According to research carried out by the firm, 70% of employees who engage with wellness services report higher job satisfaction. Equally, the need for an established workplace wellness program has seen a monumental increase in recent years. These supports are essential for retaining top talent, ensuring KPIs are being met, and guaranteeing a high return on investment.

Speaking about the company’s decision to expand its operations in Northern Ireland, Spectrum Life’s CEO Stephen Costello, said,

“This is an exciting time for us as we move to strengthen our presence in the UK and look to expand into markets further afield. Our decision to establish a team in Northern Ireland was influenced by the availability of talent that will enable us to build a best-in-class team.”

InvestNI has supported the investment. Speaking of the trade body’s involvement with Spectrum Life, Anne Beggs, Invest NI’s Director of Trade and Investment, said,

“Invest NI is working to create a strong, competitive, regionally balanced economy offering high value, skilled employment opportunities. Investors like Spectrum Life perfectly fit this strategy. The company has a focus on innovation, which is at the heart of the Department for the Economy’s 10X Vision.”

It is estimated that more than £2m a year will be added to the Northern Ireland economy from the salaries of the new staff. – What it offers

The team at Spectrum Life has been delivering solutions for workplace wellbeing in thousands of companies for more than a decade. In 2019, it launched the Spectrum.Life platform, allowing companies of all sizes to deliver a high standard of workplace wellbeing in an accessible and effective way.

The company states that its mission is –

“We are a healthcare company first. We focus on clinical efficacy and outcomes as our prime responsibility. We do this by providing or enabling best-in-class services, delivered by fully accredited, experienced professionals through our in-house built technology.”

The platform has a number of key features on offer to employers to benefit their workforce employees.

1. Mental Health’s comprehensive solution enables organizations to provide a workplace wellbeing program that can have a substantially positive impact on their health and wellness, as well as on the culture and performance of the company.

2. EAP claims to be the most modern and accessible Employee Assistance Programme on the market, with always-on support, counseling, and clinically approved e-learning, available at your organization’s employees’ fingertips.

3. Total Mental Health


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