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Podcast Review: The Mel Robbins Podcast

The ‘Mel Robbins Podcast‘ has reached the Number #1 ranking with 150 million YouTube viewings this month. The new podcast is full of real-life stories that help you understand yourself and give you the tactics and motivation to change those limiting beliefs. 

Who is Mel Robbins?

Mel describes herself as a 50-something mother of three, married for 26 years, and 15 years ago, reached rock bottom. Since then, Mel has been on a journey to understand herself and help people change their lives. She refers to herself as one of the world’s most respected experts on change and motivation. 

Mel has sold millions of books, including ‘The High 5 Habit‘ and ‘The 5 Second Rule‘. She has achieved 150 million people viewing her videos on YouTube in the last month. 

Podcast launched in October 2022

While Mel only launched her podcast one month ago, it has already hit number one in the rankings. The podcasts are released twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday. 

Mel has published nine podcasts to date, and they include –

  • Motivation is garbage
  • Taking your power back
  • 3 Steps to change your life
  • Dealing with a narcissist
  • How to let go
  • Heal anxiety for good
  • Where did all my friends go?
  • Control your emotions
  • Steal this from my therapist.  

What does My Mind News think?

My Mind News has become a superfan of the Mel Robbins podcasts. Mel’s approach and podcast are down to earth, as is her interviewing style. She does not hold back from sharing deeply personal stories and collaborating with her guest to unravel the root cause of some very personal issues and relatable dilemmas she faces. ` 

These include her recent move to Vermont, adult friendships, and dealing with a narcissist. For Ro at My Mind News, each podcast has been thought-provoking, the source of much discussion and sharing with family and friends.   

Ro at My Mind News recommends the control your emotion podcast with Dr. Becky Kennedy, a clinical psychologist, mother of three, No.1. New York Times best-selling author of ‘Good Inside,’ and founder of Good Inside 

Reclaim your identity

During the podcast, Dr. Becky Kennedy recommends you reclaim your identity and separate it from your behavior with the mantra of “I am a good person who…”. This simple, practical, but very effective technique in the long term teaches us that true repair can only happen when you feel like a good person.   

According to Ro, the podcast helps has been a source of much reflection and helped cultivate self-awareness and practical help. Here is a full breakdown of what to expect from this podcast- 

  • What a trigger is and how to watch for it. 
  • When in your life you start to form internal memories. 
  • The function of your “protector part.” 
  • Why do we have to be willing to look into our past? 
  • How to reframe your triggers and build better relationships. 
  • Why you shouldn’t shut down that negative voice and what to do instead. 
  • Why you need to align your actions with your values. 
  • What tantrums really are. 
  • Why it’s okay to have desires and how to prevent shutting them down in your kids. 

The Mel Robbins newsletters reinforce the key messages and learning from her week and podcast. They are written in a friendly easy to read format and always end with the same message – 

 in case nobody else has told you yet today, let me be the first.  I love you and I believe in you and thank you for being my friend”   

In summary

My Mind News recommends tuning in. So far, we love the style, the content, and the fact that they are free of advertisements, which helps you stay focused. Thanks, Mel Robbins. We cannot wait to listen to the next episode to drop. 

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