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Podcast Review: Vibe Check

Vibe Check is a Tech in Asia podcast written and edited by Winston Zhang. We listened to the fifth and final episode in the miniseries entitled Vibe Check: Mental Health in the Startup World

Winston interviews professionals in the field, psychiatrist Dr. Ken Ung and clinical psychologist Oliver S.  Together, they discuss mental health and how things are changing as awareness is defying the stigma associated with it. 

Initial thoughts

It is a half an hour chat where Winston openly talks about his own story and experience of mental health, asking pertinent questions of the professionals who offer advice and tips on how we can look after our mental health. Together they discuss the cost of therapy and the fact that this isn’t an option open to everyone, which makes self-help practices even more important.   

Despite Gen Z being one of the most aware generations when it comes to looking after their mental health, they discuss the need to introduce education as early as possible, much like savings education, so children can learn the importance of self-care and how to regulate their emotions from an early age.   

The three discuss the problems founders face in start-ups working under pressure in a fast-paced world where everything needs to be done yesterday. People stay up late to complete tasks or simply take their minds off their stresses.

The temptation in these circumstances is to self-medicate to get the dopamine hit the brain is looking for, which can manifest in many ways, such as drinking too much, shopping too much, or using whatever maladaptive coping strategy that comes most naturally to them. 

Offering advice

The professionals offer practical advice, starting with being proactive and taking personal responsibility for your mental health. When the stress gets too much to handle and burnout starts to creep in, it is essential to schedule in time to look after yourself. 

A plethora of apps, books, and tech help us notice when we are not feeling our best. The practice of regularly ‘checking in with ourselves’ is something a doctor would naturally do to diagnose the situation. 

We can ask ourselves what changes are going on – are negative thoughts creeping in? Do we feel achy in our body, are we tired? Is our behavior changing? If this is the case, then it might be necessary to slow down and seek help for yourself. They discuss the importance of accepting our vulnerabilities and reaching out for help. 

The chat reminds us of the critical fact that it is hard to solve mental health problems on your own. Having the bravery and courage to speak to someone could be the first step in getting better. Finding a mentor or someone who understands is an excellent way to get support, but if you are really struggling, you may need the help of a doctor or therapist. 

In Summary 

Overall, we found the interview inspiring and enlightening – and a good reminder of the things we can do but often forget when the stress levels brim over. Protecting your peace is a wonderful notion but can get overlooked when the going gets tough. 

Thank you to Winston Zhang for putting this podcast together. We really enjoyed listening to it.  

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