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Silver Linings WORK – The Workplace Wellness Program With Employees In Mind

To bring the curtain down on Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, we focus today on wellbeing in the workplace.

Wellbeing in the workplace is paramount, but what solutions are there on offer that really work for both employers and employees? My Mind News learns more about what Silver Linings Wellbeing offers to enhance workplace wellbeing.

Why is workplace wellbeing so important?

My Mind News reported that, according to Bloomberg, more than 40% of people with desk jobs feel burned out at work. Meanwhile, a Deloitte report makes it clear that the workplace is in a crisis, with 80% of executives saying wellbeing is a top priority, and nearly 90% of workers believe their work life is worsening.

Furthermore, 57% of employees are considering quitting their job for one that better supports their wellbeing. Deloitte has estimated that employers can expect an average return of £5 for every £1 spent if wellbeing is approached holistically. This will increase productivity, reduce sickness and burnout, and create a happy workplace community and culture.

Photo: Silver Linings Wellbeing


Who is Silver Linings Wellbeing, and what does the Silver Linings WORK program offer?

Silver Linings WORK (SL Work) is a digital wellbeing platform (the ‘Netflix’ of physical wellbeing). Silver Linings Wellbeing was launched in 2016 by fitness entrepreneur and former professional ballerina Chrissy Sundt.

Silver Linings Wellbeing is a holistic wellness platform offering retreats, bespoke events, and at-home classes.

This year sees the launch of her new App – Silver Linings LIVE– providing an extension of that service with many high-quality, expert-led live and on-demand sessions. ( It also introduced a workplace offering earlier this year in line with its new app.

Photo: Silver Linings Wellbeing


Speaking exclusively to My Mind News, Chrissy states that,

“There is a real need to support employers and employees to engage in better corporate healthcare and wellness provision—which is why we have launched Silver Linings WORK.”


What does Silver Linings WORK offer?

SL Work is described as ‘the workplace wellness program in your pocket.’ It is designed to easily integrate into daily routines and help support teams of all sizes with mental and physical health.

SL WORK focuses on the four pillars of wellness – mindful movement, rest and recovery, nutrition, and sleep. It offers over 150 hours of on-demand videos and weekly live sessions.

  1. For Body – Fitness sessions in Barre, core, HIIT, yoga, pilates, stretching, nutritional support, and more.
  2. For Mind – Reduce stress with sessions in meditation, mindfulness, Qigong, sleep support, and more.
  3. For Hybrid– Sessions designed specifically to fit into the daily work schedule; 5–15-minute stretch sequences, pilates, mindfulness, and meditation techniques.


Photo: Silver Linings Wellbeing


SL WORK is not only there to provide the usual pre- and post-work fitness sessions. It also helps employees find those pockets of time during their working day when they can do mini-sessions to focus on their mental and physical health.

These are an essential reset and help employees refocus and start to increase productivity. It also encourages participants to connect with a community of like-minded wellness enthusiasts.

One particular SL Work user, Richard Cooper of IOM3,  said of the program,

“I really enjoyed SL WORK and thought it was a very good suite of exercises. I felt a lot more relaxed doing the meditation sessions each day.”


The aims of SL WORK

The program is designed to help businesses of all sizes engage, retain, and support employees by improving mental and physical wellbeing, strengthening employee engagement, and creating a more positive and thriving culture.

Employees can access SL WORK wherever and wherever needed – from their laptop, phone, tablet, or the app. Sessions can also be screencast to your TV for an even more immersive experience.

Photo: Silver Linings Wellbeing


Most importantly, results are trackable. Month-by-month, the Silver Linings team updates the employer dashboard, providing key engagement statistics to understand platform usage patterns.

Fancy a free trial?

Silver Linings is offering a FREE trial of SL WORK  for two weeks so you can discover its incredible impact on the productivity and wellbeing of your team.

Email for further information.

Photo: Silver Linings Wellbeing


My Mind News would like to understand from our readers if you have either experienced wellbeing washing or greenwashing in your workplace or whether your workplace has invested in your wellbeing. Do let us know of any success stories.



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