Stix Mindfulness Launches New Product For Children’s Mental Health Week

My Mind News is excited to report that Stix Mindfulness will launch its interactive wellbeing technology today for Children’s Mental Health week.

Why your child could benefit from mindfulness

According to the World Health Organisation, 10% of children and adolescents worldwide experience a mental health disorder. Most of these children do not seek help or care, and suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15 to 19-year-olds.

My Mind News recently reported that almost half of young people are experiencing mental health issues in the UK.

There is extensive research on the importance of teaching children mindfulness. Scientists and health professionals agree that the benefits are endless for a simple five-minute daily basis. These include reduced anxiety, improved focus, improved social and emotional skills, and better sleep.

These benefits are also well-documented for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism.

New York Times reporter and author of Mindful Work, David Gelles, advises that,

“Mindfulness promotes skills that are controlled in the prefrontal cortex, like focus and cognitive control, can therefore have a particular impact on the development of skills including self-regulation, judgment, and patience during childhood.”


The need for help and support for children’s mental wellbeing is paramount, and this newly launched product is a great start.

Who is Stix Mindfulness?

Stix Mindfulness (Stix), founded in January 2020, is the inspiration of John and Liam Murphy. The father and son recognized the need to help children navigate their mental health even before COVID-19 pandemic kicked in.

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They set about developing Stix, which would not only introduce the concept of mindfulness but also help children through movement and discreet activities to make mindfulness both habitual and fun.

Over the past three years, they have won numerous awards, and Liam won the Innovate UK Young Innovators award 2021/2022. John and Liam have been on an impressive journey. Their mission is simple but powerful – to “make mindfulness fun for kids around the world.

Stix has collaborated with Brunel University London along with its Psychology Department to develop a mindfulness journey on the app., including activities that focus on breathing, balance, body scanning, and focusing on the senses.

How does Stix Mindfulness work?

Stix comprises two thoughtfully designed handheld remotes and a supporting app. The app is available from Google Play and Apple App Store. The silicone remotes are robust, easy to hold, and have built-in dual speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dual USB-C charger.

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Speaking exclusively to My Mind News, Liam said,

“All children can benefit from developing a mindfulness practice at a young age.  I started using a mindfulness app when I was 17 years old to support exam stress and realized soon after that it would have benefited me throughout my entire school career had I started at a young age.”

The remotes come with twelve bespoke activities that help guide children using lights, vibration, and audio instructions. These activities include focusing and moving, which helps children learn, engage, and navigate mindfulness in a fun way.

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Each activity lasts between three to five minutes. A considerable benefit is that the remotes hold all the activities making them interactive and screen-free as the built-in technology guides the children through the various activities.


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The Stix Mindfulness app

The beautifully designed app allows children to track their progress while winning badges and earning stars, which can be used in the Monster Wardrobe to customize your own mindful monster. These beautifully created monsters can ‘grow’ with the child as they continue to develop their practice.

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The remotes work with or without the app, track progress, and ensure children receive awards and are incentivized. Having the remotes work with or without the app reduces screen time, which is a huge benefit and gives greater flexibility in family settings and schools.

Where can I get Stix Mindfulness?

Stix Mindfulness is available to buy from the company’s store on their website for £159 (the equivalent of US$196). This active involvement, design, and flexibility sets Stix apart from other applications or toys on the market and is a real game changer.

Children understand what it is for, and they are actively involved and fully understand the benefit of each activity hence discreetly helping them to learn about mindfulness and hopefully something that will continue into adulthood.

My Mind News is super excited about the launch of this much-needed children’s product. Excitingly, there is more to come from Stix. Liam has shared that they are already developing new content to keep children excited by mindfulness.

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Why not give it a go?

If you are looking for a product to help teach and support your child with mindfulness and make it a habit, then Stix does this. Not only will it teach children the importance of mindfulness by making it fun and providing immediate benefits, but it will also help children and parents navigate their emotions and learn this critical skill.

Mindfulness is a necessary skill for children in their lifelong journey and will give them vital life skills to enhance their self-awareness, build resilience, and help them navigate their world.


We wish Stix all the best with the launch and will keep you updated on all the exciting developments ahead.

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