Three Leading UK Mental Health Charities Renew Landmark Partnership

The trio of organizations is committing to continue working together in the future to benefit millions of people across the United Kingdom.

Which organizations are involved?

Today, three of the UK’s leading mental health charities have announced that they are re-committing to a crucial partnership that will see them collaborate across fundraising, communications, and policy-influencing work to benefit millions.

Last year, leading organization and mental health champion Mind took 118,000 calls on its helplines. Furthermore, its information was accessed 21.4 million times, and its local Mind divisions spread across England and Wales supported 443,000 people.

Meanwhile, Inspire supported 25,000 people through its services last year at 67 sites across Ireland. It also delivered 60,586 counseling sessions through its therapeutic services.

In the same year, SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) services also supported 25,000 people with their mental health and wellbeing, while its digital resources were downloaded almost 90,000 times.



Details about the announcement

The renewed partnership will see the three organizations work together on various projects across anti-stigma work, campaigning and influencing welfare reform, and policy development.

They will also share research and insight, and support each other as preferred fundraising partners, including sharing UK-wide partnership income, and signpost to each other’s services and resources.

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The three organizations have already engaged in a powerful partnership to date, working collaboratively to maximize moments like Time to Talk Day and a significant association with the Co-Op supermarket chain, building community resilience.

Other areas in which the three charities will collaborate include:

  • The prevention of mental health inequalities, including promoting the needs of people living in poverty
  • Supporting and promoting the needs of young people, particularly young women, those who have experienced trauma, and other priority groups for suicide prevention
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Early support for people experiencing mental health problems and building community resilience
  • Promoting sport and physical activity
  • Provision of quality-assured mental health information.


What are each of the charities involved saying about the partnership?

Responding to the announcement, Dr Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive of Mind, said, 

“We’re in the midst of a mental health crisis, so the work we do as mental health charities has never been more important, particularly among those hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why I am so pleased to be re-committing to working so closely with SAMH and Inspire to fight for the UK’s mental health.

At Mind, we have a bold strategy that centers on those who are most likely to experience mental health problems and face barriers to accessing the right support.

We know that to do this justice, we must work in partnership, which is why we are committed to connecting minds – bringing together people and organizations who want to join the fight for mental health. Working with SAMH and Inspire will play a crucial role in fulfilling this commitment.

With the cost-of-living crisis, deepening health inequalities, and increasing numbers of young people reaching crisis point, the UK has never needed us more to step up for their mental health, and we know we will be stronger together.”


Meanwhile, Billy Watson, Chief Executive of SAMH, said,

“I am pleased to be recommitting to this important partnership with our friends Mind and Inspire.  The pandemic, cost of living crisis, and long-term structural problems in our mental health systems leave us vulnerable to the very significant mental health challenges ahead, which is why SAMH’s We Won’t Wait strategy aims to help individuals and communities access the support they need, the first time they ask.

We know it will take a collective effort to drive change. This renewed partnership combines the individual strengths of three of the country’s leading charities in a UK-wide platform, enhancing our impact to reach even more people through our services, and supply accessible, quality information on mental health and wellbeing to those who need it most.”


Lastly, Kerry Anthony MBE, Chief Executive of Inspire, said:

“When organizations with a common aim work together, we can achieve great things. That is why we are dedicated to this important partnership with Mind and SAMH. Together we can increase our opportunity to empower people to seek help, challenge stigma and discrimination, and campaign with those living with mental ill-health.

We understand the challenges people are facing. The continual impact due to the rise in the cost of living, post-pandemic burnout, and mental health services facing significant challenges due to a lack of resources and staff.

This has an impact on individuals, communities, and the wider society. Alongside our friends in Mind and SAMH, we are best placed to reach more people ensuring everyone has the opportunity to access mental health and wellbeing support, information, and services.”


In summary

In an age where increasing numbers of people in the UK are suffering with their mental health, such collaborations and partnerships are vital.

With existing support services stretched to breaking point and existing mental health services struggling to keep up with demand, partnerships such as this will pool resources and expertise so that those in most need are provided with the best possible resources so that they might seek out the support and help they need.

What are your thoughts on the extension of this vital collaboration? Let us know in the comments. 

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